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VeeKay wants her ''Roora" paid in Lobola

VeeKay x Andy Muridzo - Lobola
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Most of Zimbabwean cultures have been strict with the payment of lobola,  but lately the cultural norm has been eroded by the big tide of Western culture.This alone is amongst a plethora of cultural trends that seem to be losing their weight by the infiltration of foreign cultures that is masked under the tag "cultural dynamics". Well that's a story for another day.

Vimbai Zimuto is certainly one of the hardest working Zimbabwean female artists,  who has managed to maintain a remarkable consistency pillared by quality, substance and a motive to entertain.In her latest piece lobola VeeKay collaborated with the talented Andy muridzo to produce this stellar piece of entertainment. Lobola is a conversational house song with a distinct african sound signature. In the song VeeKay asks Andy who happens to be her husband to pay her lobola or at least a small portion of the expected things.
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In the conversation Andy argues that he does want to pay the lobola but things are not summing up on his side. He highlights that he knows the consequences and repercussions of not paying the bride price.Andy begs that his "Tezvara"  (Father-in-law) should bear with him and understand his circumstances. In the video is a scene that evidently portrays some societal scope on the issue of lobola. Two women hilariously jeer at Vimbai's plight,  a woman who has been staying with a man who hasn't paid her bride price.

Lobola is an excellent job,  with an amazing sound and good vocals. The audio was produced by CasperBeatz while Simba Gee blessed us with the visuals.If you are still compiling your christmas playlist , your should consider adding lobola, perfect your dance moves or copy some from the video.


Relevance of visual images to the music

  • In an artistic way for a dance type of video , they somewhat tried to merge the visuals to the music


  • Good - evident from the dance scenes, and every other part of the video. 
Production design : Props,  sets,  costumes and location

  • Wardrobe - VeeKay never dissapoints on this aspect of her work .
  • Location &Sets - Ok

Visual composition

  • Well done 
Verdict - 8.5 /10

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