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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

16 Days of activism against #GBV

16 Days of activism against #GBV
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Photo By NashCee_photography
Credit : Heather Lyndah 

Her story in 16.

Dissect her soul, she still possesses some sanctity 
Listen to her carefully
There is a lump of pain behind her aggression 
Wipe her make-up off,she covers scars and bruises

She also didn't want to dine with devil 
Nor pay her lost dignity debts with doses of vodka
She pulls and puffs the blunt 
With hope of exorcising nightmares of her childhood 

She now wears her pain confidently 
Embracing her unfortunate fate hopelessly 
She buries her grievances together with her soul
Robbed of her light of life she blindly staggers on

Battered,  brutally bashed and bruised 
scorned with the  desacralization of nakedness 
Sexually desecrated,  her vibrancy stolen 
Shattered dreams,  crippled esteem 


Children under the bed

Something happened here
Marks on the wall
Prints on the ground
Fallen and broken chairs
Turned tables
The smell of smoke
Drops of blood.

Neighbours heard it
Whistling then loud voices
Broken bottles, shadows of flying objects.
Swang the door open
A suitcase, clothes and the shoes followed.
"Go back to your parents!"

Another episode of an unending series
Every last and first week of the month
Tears pour on her bruised and scared face.
Unbearable and painful 

 "Hold on and be strong."
Her aunt counsels 
She wants children to grow with both of their parents.
She wants the honor of being married
Could she give up this time?

An unfinished bottle on his side
He goes to dreamland
Quietly they tip-toe onto their beds.
They don't know what pray for
His life or rest.

Say no to violence!!!!
#16 days of activism 

Special thanks to @ByoBloggers for the videos

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