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Deep thoughts from the villager : Motivation

motivation with simangaliso
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In the journey of life, I have learned that nothing good ever comes by easy. The world owes no one nothing, and thinking that anyone owes you anything towards your success will never increase their liabilities on their balance sheet. Life is not about dreams, dreams doth not make the world go round, its people who work hard for their dreams to come to life who make the world spin. Am saying dreams alone without hard work at the end of the day won't matter unless someone works for them to come to life.

Am reminded of the biblical story of Cain and Abel. You see Cain lived his life with a sense of entitlement, he didn't realise that in life you don't always get what you want and things don't always go your way. He thought all that was needed was a sacrifice. In his mind like many people today he reckoned its the thought and not the act that counts. But am submitting to you today that thoughts alone don't make inventions, they don't and will never create a future unless they are acted upon. The reason why the cemetery holds so much wealth of dreams and beautiful thoughts its because of the dreamers and thinkers who didn't act. Some cars are not moving today and were never seen because someone somewhere had the thought but didn't act on it. In fact we can all imagine if Henry ford, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers and all the others had just had thoughts and not acted on them, just where would our world be today, how primitive would we still be and how difficult would life be right now? Oh i wonder, i really do.

The world belongs to those who believe and act on their dreams. As i recall and retrieve from the annals of history words of Franklin Roosevelt who said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." You can possess the future only if you're bold enough to act on what you believe in and stop being apologetic for working hard for your dreams. You can change the world, you can change your life, all you need is to start. Yes you can if you start and if you start now. Start the work today and let it carry you into the future. You have one chance, do everything the best way you can

By : Simangaliso Cixs Ncube
Facebook : Smangaliso Ncube
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Simangaliso Ncube, 'The Villager' is a young man aged 25. Though young in age, in his life he has gone through experiences that have helped make the man he is become, a leader in the making. He holds a Bsc Politics and Public Management Degree from the Midlands State University (2015), an Entrepreneurship Trainer Certificate granted by Empretec and the Zimbabwe Investment Authority. Currently he is the Programs Coordinator and Administrator for Chartercot Business Consultancy with a bias towards coaching entrepreneurs. He is also working on publishing his first book,he is a motivational writer and blogger
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