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Vimbai Zimuto narrates a love story in "Dariro rerudo"

Dariro rerudo
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Vimbai Zimuto is certainly one of Zim's talented musicians we are sleeping on,  or rather my connects and musical queries were too shallow for the retrieval of such talent.  Well that could be a factor but her YouTube stats could render my former claim true,  otherwise we can safely nullify the statement "numbers do not lie", however that isn't of much concern. So recently I subscribed to Simba Gee's channel which lately has been a hub of quality work,  undoubtedly amazing stuff, I received the notification some time last week on some new work. It was Vimbai's "Dariro rerudo".

                                                     WATCH DARIRO RERUDO HERE                        

"Dariro rerudo " is a musical focalization of a how a certain duo fell in love on sort of a dance parade. Vimbai beautifully narrates the story with a powerful voice which sharply pierces one's comprehension,  virtually setting a mood,  atmosphere and a clear visualization of the story . A set of visuals by Simba Gee depicts the proceedings of this live-at-first-sight narrative. The scenery is somewhat traditional which validates that the story is an olden romantic narrative. The wardrobe also aids to that.  Vimbai is ravishingly stunning in the traditional costume - if only our indigenisation policy had a chapter concerning wardrobes I would definitely start a movement which advocates for Vimbai's type of costume on Dariro rerudo. Cinematography is on point as well. Generally the both the video and audio are a perfect set of work.
                                                                "KHONA MANJE"                   

Browsing through Vimbai's YouTube channel acquainted me with her versatility,  she effortlessly switches genres. I got to watch "Khona manje", a house jam with a dope dance choreography. She has other goodies,  from amai ndakanaka to kun'anga . She has an unique sound as well.
                                                             "AMAI NDAKANAKA"
Check out her channel and subscribe HERE.
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