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The Tale of Ps

A tale of Ps
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Pushing the pendulum with power pronounced
A pence per every piece of perseverance produces a pound
A pound of paste,
Of protracted and permanent taste
The paste which to powder explodes!
Bitter plaque pounces the palate
And permeates the immediate and Pluto places in physical geography.
Possibilities play ping-pong with my poor people
The pressure of poverty precludes prior pleasures
And pause pretty practice
And poses proper plumage, poor prisoners.
The Pontius Pilates pirated plenty
And pocketed pillage
Plucked the peace to promote pestilence.
Please, please the paupers pray
As paucity in stomachs plays.
Lip sinking pitiful proses
Painful pauses
Tales of pleasing promises and piled peasantry

Passionate pledges paint their promiscuous palaces
Purple leather plods on pilgrim progress
Like picnic ants from potent pinnacles.

A people back in fire, the plan backfires...

Patterns poke puns in people's psychological possessions
The pauper plans to prosecute the prince
Past and perceived dovetail point-blank in the prudent present,
The prostrate projects
Prevented by the punitive
Haughty power plummets.

Lucifer both laughs and ruminates over it's remnants.


Mave Okot is a literature enthusiast and a writer,He writes short stories and poetry
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