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Of SoulJahLove & a video that isnt anywhere near "Television tingz"

Not a television ting
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Pamamonya ipapo hit the streets and got everyone dancing.A plethora of Themed dances were made and dance videos flocked YouTube. Souljah love lived up to his title '' chibaba ". The song was and still is on local charts.A brief clip of the video was leaked about a month later and it was kind of really revealing and passing a judgement wouldn't be fair at that moment,  months passed by and we had almost forgotten that Saul had a Visual project to be released.


I got the link and with so much anticipation I clicked . after such a long delay one would obviously expect a perfectly polished, fine piece of craft. Bang!!!!!  A minute into video, I'm still trying to figure out what the director was trying to do. No conceptualization  whatsoever,  relation of visuals to vocals zero, well if there was anything artistic about it, it certainly escaped my comprehension. I failed to see the essence of dropping such a poor video for such a great song. I was disappointed. 

Is it typical of zimdancehall greats? 
Remember how Winky D let us down with that "Dissappear" video?. After blessing us with such a hit he then flops on the visuals. 
Or is there a certain group of video directors teaming up to sabotage our dancehall greats. 

That Pamamonya ipapo wasn't really a "television ting!"

Verdict : With so much leniency we give 'Pamamonya ipapo'  a 4/10
Watch the video and tell us what you think 
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