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Repressed view

repressed view #e10
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Suffering under the European conquest,
Our own past was buried and no one cared to dig it up
We were left alienated from our own cultures and traditions.
 If an individual has no historical origin that is rooted to a certain culture,
Then anything can sweep them off their feet.
When slavery was adopted,
 The African was enslaved whether they wanted to or not,
For the benefit of the colonies’ development
Not as the choice over free labour.
Our sense of belonging was lost
As slavery meant that the captives were taken away from their families
Away from their cultures and traditions and suffered the loss of their own African identity.
Many lives were lost during this time, a thought that is seldom shown in our studies
Because the “Master” did not want us to know
How much damage they had caused on our lands
SLAVE is what they called the African man
A degrading term used by the European pointing him out as a mere object,
Something he possessed and could mention as his property.
Enslavement and forced labour and impacted on the African negatively.
Everything was lost.
Our cultures and Traditions rendered useless.
The born free never has time to look at his ancestors past,
He simply follows blindly, another man’s culture.
He has never stopped to ask himself this question,

Varaidzo chitsike
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