Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Queen Africa

Repressed view #e9
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Look at the beauty she effortlessly exudes
After the glow of dusk has given way to the glow of the fire
Its red flames licking the air like the petals of a dancing flower
When the long shadows cast over the mountains are consumed by darkness
The clear blue skies replaced by the smooth black satin skin of the night, freckled with glittering stars
The wide smile of the sun replaced by a slight dimple of the moon
That's when the rhythm of the drum calls and revives hearts
The mbira, the shakers and the enthusiastic circle of clappers
Making a sound of beaty, with a rhythm as old as time

She stands to dance,  carrying herself with grace like Africa
The swish of her skirts catches the eye as the beads on it catch the firelight
The undulations otf her body in perfect sync with the beat of the drum
A crooner's melody meshes, and brings out the beauty of the music
The sweet words they sing are of love and praise
For the glorious warriors who guarded Queeon Africa with their lives
Of the warriors beyond death who watch over her
For the magnifying glass that foretold danger, " Chaminuka is king"

The Queen looks at her children with a proud smile
Architectural genius makes her body stone lain on another
Pyramids to the north and Dzimbahwe in the south
Gold lies in her heart, and her teeth are made of diamond
Her depth seen only by the wise who look deep enough
The desert sands adorn her neck like precious pearls
Kilimanjaro her glorious crown, she wears with pride
Thunderous smoke and water make her gown
Her royal highness

Gangaidzo Kufa
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