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Beautiful nightmare #zm
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I Watch Her From A Distance,
Hoping To Get An Acceptance,
It’s Hard To Believe That I Will Never Have Her In Any Instance,
Though Its The Only Thing I Do To Get Sustenance.
Tried So Hard To Get Noticed,
Little By Little My Heart Was Getting Convinced,
I Tried Sitting Here,
Standing There,
Thought Too Much About What To Wear,
My Heart Was Full Of Fear And My Mind Was Full Of Emotions To Bear.
Then I Saw Her Passing By,
With Beauty So Rare,
A Personality To None Can We Compare,
A Smile Full Of Care And  A Sense Of Humor No One Would Want To Share.
I Thought Of Getting Near Because Everything Seemed So Clear,
But I Only Managed To Stare.
So I Woke Up, Said A Prayer And There Went My Beautiful Nightmare

Ernest Tembo
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