Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Dear Africa

Repressed view #e8
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Last time I saw you , you were wearing borrowed clothes 
Clothes that didn't fit on you 
Clothes that don't accentuate the curves of your full sensual women 
I saw chemicals and drain cleaners put in your hair to straighten it
To weaken the coils that bounce back when pulled to past their limits 
I saw you lighten your skin 
Dilute the potency of your chocolate beans ,of your coffee grounds ,of your honey 
You wore a  white sheet of shame
Oh no Africa 
You didn't look like yourself at all 
But today you look like you 
I see you walk taller and prouder 
I hear you ululating louder 
The color has come back to your eyes
And the muscle back in your thighs 
I must say 
You are a sight a sight that heals sore eyes

Sesame Cassandra Mokoodi
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