Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair


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Her beauty is her strength
Her belly, fruitful
Africa my blood
Africa my mother
She has bred joyous offsprings thrown at the end of every rainbow
That defines black, is the new gold
Her hands, strong, has planted many fruits all over;
Mangoes, Guava, Amarula
Her smile is a killer
It kills enmity and selfishness
Her voice, silkily beautiful, sings one song of unity and peace
She is far rich but kind at heart;
The essence of humanity raised by wisdom
Heard in whistling waterfalls of Kilimanjaro and of Kariba
And of the tweeting birds of Kenya, and evergreen Congo
Her home is for all to live, without malice
She welcomes her guests as her own
She gives them best meals she cooks from her heart; Nsima, Nandolo,
Africa is the smile
Africa is the love
Africa is the kindness of our hearts
The Ubuntu
She pumps blood not for herself but others
Her heartbeat is heard far-off in the airs of the flying sky
She weaves freedom for her children and bores joy
Hear beauty is her strength
Her radiant face, mirrors her heart

Lungile Peter Chidothe
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