Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Unique Blend #rvc

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Keep quiet...
And all they do is bring your name to shame
Act sane...
And your legacy they lay to waste
Be civilized...
And uncivilized is what they claim you bear
Their eyes seeing only what their minds cannot contemplate
A dark continent for years
Is the label they have placed
Evidence of their fear
Afraid to accept the difference we exhibit,
Our unique blend

Sophistication our middle name
Wisdom the common ground we share
Ecologist at birth
Our totems indicators of what we ought to preserve
Going green they say?
Well, we had already begun before they coined the term
Geneticist we have always been
Our totems identifiers for us not to inbreed
Microbiology even the young breath
Meat they smoke,
Bacterial growth they stop
Ailments put to rest
As roots and leaves are crushed
To form a concoction of herbs...
Medicine our fair share
And even now, we all still have a lot to learn
Science not peculiar to a particular race
But only the apparatus that have come to change

A people crippled by cultural stagnation
Is not what we are to date
But rather progress propelled by cultural awareness is what we commend
Our native tongues the key
Indigenous knowledge preserved to date
Even weather patterns we perceive
Harbingers the real deal,
Safety achieved...
With the times we move
With history we evolve
So don't let ignorance continue to have play in your head
Civilization has always been Africa's share
So don't hesitate to accept,
Our unique blend

Tatenda Murangi
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