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Craft & Wine Fair

My true hidden Africa version #RVC

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ln a parabolic manner,
Like them before,
The pretentious and irreverent maverick Rabbis,
Whose atrocious angelic images to the world,
Darkest ever images of me, sumptuously and agonisingly painted
And with a Godly like power they seemed successful.
With brutal candour, void of callousness,
And with magnanimity that purely defines Africa,
I'm ready to dish out the long denied epiphany about me!

Scattered all over my eye catching bosom were my children.
My children, whose their sublime moral values were heavenly.
Scattered all over my attractive bosom were hubs of wisdom,
And efficient conveyer belts of knowledge.
Hubs of Solomonic wisdom in the priceless treasures of the grandmothers and grandfathers
Whose erudition was purely from God.
The God you shamefully like Samson's Delilah abused.
The God you selfishly abused to corrode the Godly Samson that my children were and are!
And today,
Void of callousness,
Motivated by Godly's begotten and eternal love and the holy pride of being me
Let me, for the world excavate the veracity.

My beautiful teenagers were staggeringly strong.
Even in winter their adorable birthday suits were their only treasured costumes.
Teenage boys and girls would herd cattle together.
They would swim together, fetch firewood together,
With their sacred parcels exposed attractively in today's imposed lustrous stature,
With a naturally cultivated sense of brotherhood the law keeper.
Lovemaking of the culturally unripe was a taboo,
In fact! It was a treasure, with Christ like purity preserved for only the wedded
Rampant girl child raping was a stranger!
Amazingly with your modernity,
Virginity is no longer a sacred holy fountain that only the cleansed would visit.
Your houses of Justice clothed in your earthly if not plutonic wisdom have failed the girl child.
The humanly punishments you have devised have been a guillotine of a girl child's virtue.
And amazingly the cultural me was a child of Belzebub and one shudders!

This today's pandemonium Africa is not me!
My children never wedded in white robes that hide the impure being!
Their aunties and grandfathers never wore white gowns that symbolise heavenly purity,
And pretend to be Godly sent to tie the knots that some man will put asunder.
My children's marriages were cultivated on fertile grounds of brotherhood.
lnfact, sanctified brotherhood that no man wily nilly would put asunder!
l never had astounding figures of single parent families.
l never had dating sites and a few widows and the widowed if any l had!
l never had cousins!
Never had l orphans!
And never had I beggars!
These are your terms, terms that hide the intact family me

Tapiwa Muhlwa
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