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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Mama tell me ! #rvc

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Mama tell me please
I’m no longer at ease and need no more tease
Please tell me about this old chief from Seme
His looks towards me are becoming more than just a stare
The integrity of his daily meetings with papa questioned
What is this you aren’t telling me?

Listen my daughter 
Why this fear of the unknown? 
They are only but trying to build the nation 
And maybe the chief saw sovereignty in you
 Coz whatever the elders can see while seated
You cannot see even while standing 

But mama
The flocks just doubled up in a blink
The sheds now worse I can’t even think
I mean the stolen glimpses mixed with the chitchats 
His greetings past the elbow
Mama ill read and not breed

Listen please 
The daughter of mikayi
You’re getting ripe and seriously stealing hearts
Judging from the number of suitors daily in our huts
Who marries a learned woman anyway, and besides
A woman’s place will be always in the kitchen
Where she forever resides

But mama
Look at me, am I worth 20 heads?
With all these shapes and edges to turn white heads?
Why did you take me to school to betroth me later?
Is Wangari Mathai in the kitchen rather hunger striken?
As much as I’m a girl ill read and not breed

Listen Nyalego
We always wanted the best of you and we still
The morals and values that in you we’ve instill
The suitors we’ve chased for we know your worth
The walls we’ve made around you who climbs to spoil the broth
We got you
Take a big breathe
OH Mama 
I will be Miriam Makeba 
Sing songs that make blunt 
The edges of the FGM knives 
I will be Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Mince words that paint gender equality
Be a voice of the voiceless 
That speak the pains of the girl child.

Nyque Ambetsa
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