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Mama Africa

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He thought about heading home and a huge smile crossed his countenance
Mama Africa,the sun,the people and most importantly his family.
Yes life was good in the diaspora but you know what they say home is always best.
He could already hear the people chattering happily,shrieks of laughter from the children
joyfully playing some made up game;the daily noises of the 'rokesheni'.
People greeting each other as they meet in the market,
Genuine concern about the other's welfare
Neighbours shouting salutations across the fences.
Ah to be back home to be back in Africa....

He remembered the support his family had received when his father had suddenly passed on.
An untimely death that rocked the entire community and they showed it by their attendance,unlike in the West in Africa one's loss was shared by everyone,the family would not be left to mourn alone.
Friends and relatives came through and did anything within their power to ease the burden on the family that was already heavily weighed down by grief and trying to make sense of their loss...
Although he was still in his teens he never forgot years later the love he had felt. 
It left an indelible impression on the young boy.

The news on the Internet about his motherland almost made him weep like a newly widowed woman
Such misinformation displaying an Africa too poverty stricken for a sane people to inhabit
He wished they could just see Africa through his eyes,just one time...
It was like with everywhere in the world certain people lived in abject poverty and some were affluent
The brush Africa was painted with was only poverty coloured and the people were made to look either like savages or objects of pity

He had gone on a safari once,he had revelled in the serenity of it all and the sheer primal beauty of the wildlife.
The roar of the lions at dusk;the slpw amble of the elephants as they made their way to the waterhole...
Ironically it was these moments that moved him spiritually;helped him understand the omniscient  power of God
The drab grays he looked at everyday were fast becoming tedious,he felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for his vibrant multifaceted Mama Africa

I am Titanium
Nyaradzo Laura Ngoma 
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