Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Irrepresible #rvc

Repressed view #e4
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bare feet, scattered feaces
bleeding corpses, hopeless faces
corrupting minds, confusing gulible senses
greedy hearts, nothing but biased lenses

robbed bees, fleeing kids with eyes red
subtle graze, all game fully fed
oily wells beneath the desert bed
a cultured race, vastly and proudly bred

gill-chocked streams, teeming woods
scattered fruit, a million foods
healing leaves, a dozen tasty roots
crunchy bugs, owls too full to hoot

curvy womenfolk with enchanting eyes
proud men with gingerly strides
wisened folk with soulfuf watchful eyes
bouncy toddlers with cheerful smiles
a million dialects; musical, clacking tongues

spring up you African pride, their mindless views cast aside
by your rules abide, stay loud and never hide
strut your stuff with sure strides
and forever in your glow reside


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