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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Hide Away .

Hide away #bw
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I know my saddened state and doesn't mix well with your sweet cup of tea
I know you're busy with everyday life and aren't necessarily avoiding me
I know I might feel better around you all but you see
What I know and what I feel are not the same
For me, it's two tectonic plates bashing up against each other
Fighting for dominance every moment of every day
I'm sorry you feel I shouldn't have acted that way
I was wrong , wrong , wrong , wrong
It's the sound the plates make , as they pound and they shake
So I lay , i stay right here in bed all day , that's what I know you all say
But I don't care, it's my only safe hide away.


Sesame is a First year mechanical engineering student but a writer at heart, drawing inspiration from past and daily experiences. Giving an outlet for growing pains and artistic exploration.

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