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Africa , My Love

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Like a general to base you come first in command,
The second largest loveliest warmest continent on earth,
The best place to be is here in the great land of art,
This is a letter to my wonderful sweet love.

My love is full of God given wisdom,
Authors of greatness , the mighty Chinua
The writer to Arrow of God this man Achebe,
He who didn’t just sit and watch things fall apart.

A land full of bravery and strength I must say,
Saviours of our Environment and Eco System,
Wangari Mathai a true heroine we Cherish,
For wisdom is a treasure to her was like Gold. 

Africa is busting with all kinds of treasures,
Peace from far and wide from north to south,
Peacekeepers through talks and laughs like Kofi,
Great work he did and you all know this man Annan.

Africa, a land not dominated by colour,
An exemplary of Mandela's Philosophy 
A man ensured Africa was a great big rainbow,
That’s why in Africa we have a sense of pride,
From the south of cool Capetown to wild Nairobi,
To the expansive Lagos beauty and vastness, we cherish.

You are a sight to behold I must say my love,
A land for the speedy and fast yet beautiful cheetah,
A wonder you have the great wildebeest migration,
To the great elephants and mighty jungle king lions.
I love you Africa dripping with honey sweet land,
I love you with all of your vast and sorry dirt,
My love for you itches like a mad sickness, 
That’s why I write to you my love, My Africa.

Samuel Murithi Kim

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