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Life is a burden - Donald Marindire

A poem by Dodger.
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Life is a burden I need not carry anymore
Strife laden on my bare back strangers with hope
Disjointed dreams wake up demons that taunt me when I snore
I'm a convicted criminal in the labrynth of dejection I can never cope
Used to believe in fairytales believed my weak whisper for help was indeed a roar
But lions ain't meek the blacksmith who manufactured daydreaming closed shop
So now I face reality with my head off and my eyes sore
Preaching misery does that make me a bad pope

Life is a burden wish I was Sarah after gommorah,done with my lot
LifeSuicidal ideations no sir I think not
What if that's an application for a hell hotter than the one I already got
Flowers make me sneeze and smiles make me snort
Happiness is a myth solace is a wishful thought
Even if love could be bought my soul is already broke
What's the use of bullion it will last forever while your flesh embraces rot

Life is a burden but we make it more than it is
The truth should set us free but it's the lies that leave us at ease
We persecute the fake yet we are the poster childs of make believe
Living a lie for show till we too are deceived by the yarns we weave
Life is a burden but make the best of it till the day we all grieve
For your departed soul shouting your greatness which gets drowned by the whispers of beyond human expectations we saw fit to have you leave

By : Donald Marindire

Donald Dodger Zw Marindire is a HipHop curator,poet,writer
and award nominated blogger at
Twitter @Planet_Dodger
Instagram @DodgerAviboy
Facebook @ShonaBoyConglomerateZw
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