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Zee-verdict - Majarakara video (T1nda x Tha Dawg x Fish F McSwagg)

Majarakara video rating
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Released: 31st March
Artists: T1nda x Tha Dawg x Fish F McSwagg
Director: Mthabisi Onias (Onvi Tv) 

Relevance of visual images to music 

Generally, this aspect had been greatly ignored by most artists and directors alike. The crew behind Majarakara did well on this one. the relevance is just superb. They didn’t let the artistic nature of the video obscure the musical sense.


Majarakara video is a flow of grand and compelling performances whose consistency keeps a viewer glued to the screen. The cast play their roles perfectly but I would like to applaud the “WITCH”. She was great, original and scrupulous executed every detail of her role.

Production design (Props, costumes, sets & location)

Costumes – artsy-craftsy wardrobe, very appropriate. One aspect that aided to the relevance of the visuals to the music.

Location & sets – perfect location, complements the title Majarakara

Visual Composition 

A creative cinematography
Camera angles – good
Superb framing of shots and one can’t complain about the lighting either

Visual enhancements

Titles and credits – good, one can keep track of the cast and crew
Special effects – very appropriate whenever they were used

All in all, my overall rating 4.5 Stars . What do you think about the video ?

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