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Up close with Agnes Njenga of Fashion icons tan

An up close with Agnes Njenga of Fashion icons tan
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TakuZee : Cool good afternoon Agnes

Agnes : Good afternoon Taku,
Your name is interesting hehe

Agnes Fashion Icons Tan

TakuZee : Lol,  I will have to know why later,  so enlighten us what is "fashion icons tan"

Agnes : Fashion Icons Tan is the fashion entity of a company called ICONIUM-Where icons are made
It deals exclusively with people of color on the runway. It aims at appreciating the dark models from all over the world. We want to sensitize the beauty of being dark; embracing Africa not only as a continent but a way of life.

TakuZee: Quiet a motive,  you have Africa at heart I can tell. So how do you implement the goal, ...... shows,  pageants, fashion exhibitions?

Agnes : We are having our first runway event on the 6th of May, in Kenya of course. The event is going to feature exclusively dark models. We will have both African and contemporary designs but let's not forget the aim is not the designs, the aim is appreciating people of color.
This is going to be our first major public appearance. We have had minor shows for example My Black is Beauty event where we sensitized women on appreciating their black beauty. It included a dermatologist advice in regards to dangers of bleaching and enlightening creams.
All the other things we are working on will be revealed once we get all the statistics involved in place.

TakuZee : wow great,  how was the response for this particular show.

Agnes :The turn up was gracious and interaction was beautiful. However, I was looking forward to see more men. What pleased me though was the fact that the idea was embraced.

TakuZee : Since the motive is to reach the whole Africa,  what measures are you taking to network Africa

Agnes :Its a digital world, so I am using digital ways to reach not only African but the whole world.
You can get us on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and we have a blog too.
We are also partnering with Chilvary Magazine in Nigeria where I handle the modelling and Fashion segment.

TakuZee : What are the challenges you can say you have been facing

Agnes :1. Convincing people that we are not racists; we are out to sensitize about the beauty of being people of color, and to being dark models on the fashion industry. That's our major challenge.
Another challenge is penetrating the fashion  biz, it's pretty much challenging especially as the CEO, I am not dark but I am African.  Apart from that, I am a medical student so most assume I am inexperience and don't have much to offer for the industry.
The other challenges I believe anyone new in business experiences, especially if they are young and fresh in the industry. like lack of a stable financial ground.  I consider it a normal challenge

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TakuZee :Medicine and fashion are very distant cousins,  and considering you are still studying and that medicine is demanding ,  are you able to balance the two

Agnes :I get that a lot hehe. Most people actually assume I take literature; being a poet and a diverse writer. 
I believe passion suppresses all negative energy and creates a clear yet challenging path. I believe in passion.
TakuZee :I am motivated hey You are strongly determined.
About the oncoming show,  can you give us three reasons why one shouldn't miss it.

Agnes :1. Its the first fashion event ever that will feature exclusively dark models
2. It will be a fashion event that incorporates  different arts apart from just fashion and the common singing. We will have poetry and salsa in store too. The event will be wrapped up by a live performance the CBK
3. I believe the location is conversant for everyone, the ticket top is available for those who love a classy, elegant and  sophisticated event. So there is absolutely no reason for anyone to miss it
Well,  with that I would strongly persuade one to go.

TakuZee: Any words to the African ladies in multi and diverse ventures?

Agnes :There is no one who is your biggest fan except yourself. You want to do it? Just do it. Never wait for the right time; it never exists.
Walk out of your comfort zone if that's the only way you can achieve it; its never worth it if it didn't get you doubting your efforts.
Above all, you are your biggest competitor. The only one who will know the journey or the massiveness of your efforts is you, the rest just want results.

TakuZee :Word!
Thank you for your time Agnes

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