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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair


A poem by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere
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Nicola Chimbandi

Secretly seduced, circumspectly reduced
That man you confided in is reduced
Tempted, hypnotized, blame the dude not
These are the type of women we term hot
Hot note, not wholly taught, hot blood rushes
Down from oxygenating the head
It rushes to make another one erect
He thinks not, feels not but the urge is irresistible
Irised, eye raised, she is curvaceous
Voluptuous, he is lustrous
Push me in, inside something pushes him
A hymn of pleasure, he moans, groans
Symphony in harmony to the Xochiquetzal theophany
Sexually situated in some systems that signals
scramble in the scrotum
Solicitation screams signifying 
a sweet sensation of the penetration
She calls death, fire sweet pain to come and escape with her
He shouts that he loves her even though he doesn't care

By : Taku Zee 
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