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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

My darkest moment

A poem by Takudzwa Chiwanza
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My darkest moment; face to face with it.
Crumbling of the vestiges of that
Seemingly immaculate portrait
Circumstances not of my own making:
Not even in my plans,
Not even in accordance with my machinations
Nevertheless well-intended thoughts.
The barricades have been smashed ruthlessly
Consequently, power and will
Have oozed out of Me.
Solitude has worsened all this
A lone ranger in this ostensibly
Insurmountable predicament.
How I wish the earth could just swallow me
It is greatly unfathomable
Where can I muster my strength?
Where is my perceived source of inspiration?
Unanswered questions, weighing me down!
I have been devoured, I have been vanquished.

By Takudzwa Chiwanza 
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