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Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Forgive them Nyongolo

Poem By Nellah Nonkondlo
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Daylight Pharisees and midnight Sadducees
Long gowns to mislead you as they pay their so called respect
Yet at night they dance before your eyeballs in their birthday suits
Caressing the honourable war veterans
Tightly clinging to their AK47
Opening wide the gates of their graveyards
To play hide and seek with the bullets
Polishing the corners of their beautiful mountains with bullet cases.

Your daughters, father!
Daughters of the soil 
Disgracing and humiliating themselves
Before your very presence!
They know what they are doing Tata
Only they know why they do it 
Just forgive them Nyongolo.

They have betrayed you,
From the day you shepherded your father's herds 
Till today before your metal bones.
They have traded your sons breath 
for the bond notes they never worked for 
For the love of money like Judas Iscariot
They deceived you and sold your soul
not once but twice!
Like Mkabayi they played cowards and stabbed you on the back.

They know you love your people
But they teach them evil ways that hurts you
You saw them forcing your daughter to buy the pill
You saw them giving her 'umuthi'
Which kissed your grandson life goodbye
For the love of power they will do anything
They might even steal the new metal you,
Sell you to the outsiders 
Just to gain control over your family!

Teach them the good ways of making a living Tata
Send them to their forebears if they are reluctant
Yet, forgive those who plead for clemency.

Nellah Nonkondlo Mtanenhlabathi
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