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What not to expect

A poem by Doc Freezy
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Life twists

By DocFreezy

Now you see me
Now you don't
Now you hear me
Most of them won't
Walked in this way
Came out the other
Wishing I had a brother
Or wish I had saved my father
On hells streets I walk a loner
Trouble awaiting at every corner
Not one to predict the future
Didn't inherit the prophetic bone
No sorcery in my DNA
No for sight into my future
No palm reading no magic cards
Harsh reality I looked directly into it's face
Rage and hate of self brought about suicidal thoughts
If it wasn't for my family and music
I contemplated ending it
All of it bury it six feet beneath man's feet
Refused defeat refused to conform
The way home was a forest of traps and snares
I felt like the hunted would I ever get there
If home was where the heart was
I was where I was supposed to be
My surroundings unfamiliar
Lost in the world
Antennas on I looked like an insect
Alien on His earth searching for a hole in the soil to hide my microscopic pride
Peace I found in isolation
Alone I wrote my solutions
Cast out their retarded opinions
Focused on my future
Woke up smiling
Believing in the silver lining
One day I'll be there one time
To be heard about and not seen about
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