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The versatile Verseless brings us Veryus

Veryus' is an eclectic collective of artists who have aligned their efforts as a cohesive unit to achieve a 'break' in the music industry
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Musically one would have been contemplating on what to dwell on,  this coming month. Well ever versatile Verseless had us in mind. The musical prodigy is bringing forth a stellar collection of awesomeness that you can submerge yourself. Veryus will undoubtedly replace your vibe-to playlist. The tracks are going to be released in a series,  daily during the first week of March.
Verseless is the name behind the relaxation and mind soothing ep "Reflections". He is somewhat a formidable musical force with the capacity of handling any expectations all in one package.

Veryus (Various / Very Us)

'Veryus' is an eclectic collective of artists who have aligned their efforts as a cohesive unit to achieve a 'break' in the music industry and creating an art not bound by the borders of Zimbabwe.

The group comprises of 7 talented creatives, that pour heart and soul into every musical offering they're committed to. Each individual takes on different genres and the perfection of the product cannot be denied.

With so many multi-faceted representatives, some of which are well renowned in their own right, each member seems to contribute to this musical mosaic in a way that will seamlessly usher in a new era of bold artistry that expands the soundscape we are all locally accustomed to.
The artists' names are as follows :

Chengeto Brown

With a plethora of familiar names involved - who already have been establishing promising careers as individuals, it is needless to say that it should make things exceedingly interesting to see how they progress, working together.
'Veryus' will be serenading the masses with singles from each member from the 1st-7th of March 2017, all of which are produced by one of the group members and the producer spearheading this movement into its inevitable success, Verseless!!
This should make for an exciting year-defining moment in redefining musical excellence!

The release dates are as below.
Release dates
1st March        - Fluid
2nd March        - Mile
3rd March        - uBu
4th March        - Rue
5th March        - Verseless
6th March        - Chengeto
7th March        - Marcques
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