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Hephzibah (Poetry Anthology).. Love Blosom!

Love in Hephzibah
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Why the title Hephzibah?

Hephzibah is a Biblical name meaning delightful. Its origin is in the book of Isaiah 62:4. For long the people of Jerusalem and Zion, had been forsaken, their enemies had continuously persecuted them. They were so much isolated and lived in tears and sorrow, but a time reached when God, decided to change their I identity, because He loved them. He decide to take delight in them, that’s when He gave them a new name, which was Hephzibah to show His love and assure them of His promises.
When it comes to love, there is a value to each person you love. Here, the term Hephzibah is used to mean the delightful person, the one you cherish with all your heart, the person you can’t live without. The person that is one with you both in body and spirit.

Why you should have a copy of Hephzibah

This book contains different kinds of love poems. The book can be used to rebuild relationship and marriages, restore broken relationship, for entertainment and many more. The book mainly focuses on those who are engaged, in marriages, whose relationship are not good, or for the couples that are in long distance relationships. I believe in the power of words when it comes to love, romance and relationships. Good words spoken with honesty and sincerity are like the rain that comes when the farmer needs it most.

About Author

NAME: Boygene Borice (Rabura)

FROM: Kenya


INTERESTS: Writing, poetry, blogging, entrepreneurship

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