Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

Creating life out of charcoal and graphite

Pixel defination in charcoal and graphite
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I had always thought that detail and brilliance was the work of brightness, colour and contrast.Well my speculation was derailed when I saw a pencil drawing with scrupulous detail . One can easily feel the life and undoubtedly exceptional talent in Liberty Shuro's drawings.
On first glance I thought this was just an image with a touch of some digital effects but after scrolling down the gallery , I could tell the stellar work was indeed authentic and real.
Liberty shuro defines detail with each and every scratch by the pencil . His punctual minutia spontaneously introverts the colourful accessories to help in the imaginative construction of mood , settings and event the environment.

Fairly looking at most his work, he is negligibly an abstract type of artist but he certainly places the avant garde sticker on generality in his creativity . 
Below are some of the digitally published portraits by Liberty , however as this is a profession lets support Liberty by purchasing some of his work . He also does portraits on request , spice up your art collection with some of his work.

purchase the piece "DROWNING" HERE 

Feel free to hire Liberty for his services 

Liberty Shuro

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