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Bulawayo's rising star : M.U.S.E

As written by Valentine Tusai
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Every once and again we hear of an artist who is just so good and all hope in the music industry is restored again. Those moments that knock you for six and music that gives you goose bumps. A short trip to Zimbo Music Studios gave us such a delight when we met an artist named M.U.S.E.
Did he not just lay down his raps on the mic like a young God, like he owns the place! Very sophisticated and urban. His sound is definitely something to listen to. He has a project dropping soon, so we sat down and asked him a couple of questions.

What does M.U.S.E. stand for, is it your name or an acronym ?

As for M.U.S.E., it has its own meaning to me, I continuously be a muse to myself by constantly being a sponge. And yes, M.U.S.E. is an acronym.

How did your journey in musical start ?

Music is the sound track to life. I was bitten by the bug at an early age. I started playing instruments around 10 or, the trumpet, rhythm guitar, and i sang. I always liked telling stories so rapping wasn't far behind.

What type of music do you do ?

I am a Hip-Hop artist.

Your music seems to be a fusion of different genres, poetry and some old school vibe. What type of music do you listen to?

When it comes to music, I tend to listen to everything. At the moment, I'm sitting comfortably on the blues, and jazz, Ray Charles and Quincy Jones are on repeat on my playlist.

2016 seemed like a big year for you, you performed at many events around the City of Kings. How was your music received ?

I was very fortunate to be in front of a lot of different groups of people last year. I’m just happy that they didn't boo.

This year (2017) you will be releasing your full length album titled The Artist, how long have you been working on this project and what should we expect ?

2017 is going to be a wild one for me. I’m super excited to be finally releasing my project. It took a few years to write and a little under a year to record mix and master. I have to say I’m very proud of the outcome. Be sure to drawn in with clever word play, deep analogies, eclectic instrumentals and stories of myself, my views of everything.

We hear that you pen some good poetry, are you planning on doing anything poetical in the near future.

Well, with poetry, I feel like verse I've ever written, performed and or recorded in the last few years have been poetical milestones. To answer you though, I would love to find small intimate smokey lounge somewhere and recite a few of my pieces. Consider me hunting.

Which artists have you worked with and plan to work with this year ?

I've worked a few different artists. Benny Jones, Psyko Tektonic, Silent Art, Donny Chords and a few new people that feature on the album which im going to leave as a surprise. Honestly, I have pretty large wishes. I would love to work with Tehn Diamond, Jah Prayzah, QueenVee, Awa, and a fee others.

Who are your biggest inspirations in Zim ?

Inspirational figures in Zim...hmmm. I'd have to say Vusa Blaqs. I was fortunate to meet him the other day while at an interview at Skyz Metro. Apart being a absolutely nice person, in speaking with him, he isn't at all clouded by the success. He is completely humble and that’s something you don’t see every day. I look forward to approaching him very soon to do some visuals.

And there we have it! Watch the space for the latest on M.U.S.E.

You can follow him on social media

Twitter: @musetheartist
Instagram: @iammusehiphop
Youtube: Muse Theartist

Written By Valentine Tusai a.k.a St Valz
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