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Up close with Melser Kim

This week Taku zee goes up close with a rising Zambian seamstress Melser Kim
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 This week Taku zee goes up close with a rising Zambian seamstress Melser Kim

Taku Zee :Hi melser, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?Who is Melser Kim

Melser :Melser Kim is an outgoing young lady born on 12th of December 1994 and 3rd born in a family of 5.  Graduated from high school in 2012 and 3rd year student at the university of
Zambia pursuing Bachelor's of Arts in Education (Geography major). Apart from being a university student Melser Kim is a fashion designer and stylist who design clothes,jewellery and styles hair.

Taku Zee :What inspired you to venture into fashion designing

Melser :My dissatisfaction over most clothes people would buy for me when I was a little girl..I always thought of an alternative design and it resulted in me redesigning most of my clothes.

Taku Zee : So when exactly did you you start designing

Melser :I cant pick a specific day because have been designing all my life..but decided to create a fashion page in 2016 to show people my personal attires and unexpectedly I started getting clients..yeah

Taku Zee : Great,  considering you are majoring in geography,  how do balance the passion and the academics,  isn't it difficult

Melser :I love school..I love fashion too..I don't want to be just a great designer but I want to be a role model..I want girls to embrace both passion and academics. I dream of seeing a world with powerful women.

Taku Zee : So fashion wise have you been showcasing,  on which platforms have you showcased if yes

Melser :Like I said earlier I started showing my designs to the world last year so I haven't showcased..I'm planning on launching a fashion show this year if I find sponsors

Taku Zee : What are the challenges you might say you are facing as melser the designer

Melser : A lot... U know the fashion industry is need to do a lot more than you's been hard to advertise my designs and to launch a fashion show. Another major challenge is financial backup

Taku Zee : Where do you see MKD in 5years

Melser :Global... It's going to be big...I'm here to grow...

Taku Zee : to end with,  give me reasons why people should wear melser Kim

Melser :Melser Kim wear is original and unique..It's an extension of who I am.. I love expressing myself through designs... It's my best way of communicating with the world.

Taku Zee : Thank you Melser

Melser : Pleasure.

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