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Had it been a normal meeting he would have fantasized about her. He would have taken in her eerily intimidating and indescribable beauty bit by bit. He would have let his eyes linger a little longer on
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Had it been a normal meeting he would have fantasized about her. He would have taken in her eerily intimidating and indescribable beauty bit by bit. He would have let his eyes linger a little longer on her voluptuous figure. Maybe, he would even have had time to let his mind wander in a ride down the not-so-distant memory lane when she had walked carefree with her generous portion of buttocks rolling ridiculously in rhythm. But then, nothing was normal about this meeting at all, he was feeling very cold, yet somehow, he was sweating profusely. His knees gave way and he sank into the sand. He was only vaguely aware of Takudzwa who was rooted by my side like a statue. He was as frightened as he was shocked.
"Nyaradzo." He had meant it to sound firm but it came out as a feeble- barely audible- squeak. It was then she smiled, he swear he had never seen such a dazzling smile before. She locked her eyes on his. He shivered. The silence that followed was haunting and it far outweighed that you would expect at a cemetery. All she said was, "What an unexpected reunion."

The day had started off as a promising one. Nothing seemed like it could go wrong. The skies were clear, the flowers bright and their inviting petals bathed in the sun's glorious rays. The birds were already in perfect harmony to their early morning melodious song. It was on this morning, impatient as ever, Junior couldn't wait to go and meet her.
He had heard that Nyaradzo, his high school crush, was back in town. Nyaradzo was undeniably the most attractive girl he had had the pleasure of meeting. She had something about her that could make a man respect and love her at the same time. She wasn't necessarily the most beautiful but she had the charm. There was something about her alluring round eyes or was it her 'seductress' killer body or perhaps it was her long lustrous natural her.... Or maybe it was just everything about her.
Junior had been the most intelligent student in their stream. Junior and Nyaradzo had hit it right away when the latter arrived as a new comer. This had shocked everyone, nobody had ever considered the gangly boy in oversized spectacles to be a charmer.
Like any other high school relationship, the two were bound to part ways soon after high school. Nyaradzo had left the town for college. He on the other hand had found comfort in their town and studied medicine right there.
It was with surprise that he had received a call from Nyaradzo. They hadn't kept in touch, he wondered where she had found his number. The conversation had been kept short and clipped from Nyaradzo's side. Junior hadn't married yet, he hadn't found the time to date cumbered with all the studies. In fact he hadn't wanted to date at all. It was then with diabolical gusto he savoured every minute on the phone with Nyaradzo, he considered this as the break he had waited for in his love life. He had asked her out for a drink and surprisingly she had succumbed to him instantly.
He had barely slept. First of all he had gone over her Facebook and Instagram accounts perusing every minute detail until satisfaction. He found himself downloading every picture she had ever uploaded and he desperately looked for signs that she might be with someone else. Nyaradzo was definitely still a looker and single. If it was anything to go by, facebook relationship status was still set to single.
It was on this ground that Junior had found himself going through the trouble of finding the perfect outfit for the big day. He didn't want to look overdressed, it would make him look too desperate to impress her and thus shallow and stupid. On the other hand he didn't want to look under dressed, it would undermine the occasion and make him look like an unaccomplished person. The formal wear would also make it more serious than it needed to be and besides, he needed to loosen up. When he had finally left the house he had settled for a simple pair of jeans and a shirt.
Junior was ecstatic it felt like nothing could dampen his mood. He had given a ride to a male nurse in his department by the corner of his avenue.  They barely knew each other but since he was finally going to meet Nyaradzo he didn't seem to mind. The happy passenger just threw her small portfolio in the back seat of the car and jumped into the front passenger seat. It wasn't a quiet drive. It seemed Takudzwa, the male nurse, was very good with his words and at jokes. 
With the funny guy in the car Junior had barely noticed that he had driven almost 4km when he stopped at a police roadblock. He cursed under his breathe, he hated to be deterred, but he proceeded to stop neatly right near the young looking officer who had stopped him. The officer turned out to be a melancholic introvert as he couldn't return the seemingly irresistible infectious smile from Junior.
The officer explained that they had been ordered to search every car leaving their part of the town. They had been tipped off that some people implicated in an espionage were going to attempt to smuggle some extremely confidential files out of town. As part of procedure they were asked to step out of the car as a thorough search was being conducted. Junior had absolutely nothing to fear. He was as straight as an arrow.
It was with shock then that he found Takudzwa and himself getting handcuffed, arrested on charges of betraying the country. For a confused second he thought it was some kind of a prank only to realize that nothing about all of it was a joke. At this moment half a dozen emotions showered on his face, among them disbelief, shock, pain and fear. For a moment time stood still as the truth of what might have happened sank in. It was Takudzwa. Takudzwa was the spy. Whatever the police had found was in Takudzwa's portfolio. He shouldn't have given him a ride. He had been naive and reckless.
He tried to explain and nobody listened. When somebody listened they laughed, laughed so hard that he thought they would pee in their pants. Takudzwa laughed with them. They told Junior he was doing what all desperate criminals did, weaving stories so they would go free. They wouldn't listen to either of them. After all they had been given orders not to leave unless the Superintendent had arrived. Junior was thinking about he was going to disappoint Nyaradzo. Not showing at a first date was high on his embarrassing things  list.
It was then he found himself face to face with the Superintendent, he couldn't believe his eyes. The Superintendent was Nyaradzo.

What a great reunion it was!?

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