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Our stupid father : Prosper Wilton

Our stupid father
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By : Prosper Wilton

The silence in the dining room was overpowering and suffocating. Such was the silence that one could hear two flies fornicating by the TV stand in the room. The people at the dining table were avoiding each other. Everybody was looking everywhere but never at one another.
Mr Runesu was sitting opposite his petite wife on the dining table. Their two sons, Tafara and Tinashe, were sitting adjacent to them. Sisi Maria was eating sitting cross legged on the floor. Everyone was engrossed in their plates save for Tinashe, the younger son. He was glowering at his father, who didn't seem to notice or care for his son's anomaly in behavior on this fateful night.
Tinashe was busy reflecting on how 'aunty' (a title which their mother had forced on them) Moira had always been present in their lives. Tinashe couldn't even remember any point in time when Moira wasn't around. Moira had been there when, Netsai, Mrs. Runesu's scrawny and lackadaisical daughter had run away from home at the age of fifteen to a sickly man old enough to be her father.
Aunty Moira had also stood by their mother when Netsai became violently ill. Tinashe had longed for a panacea when he saw her lain bone and flesh on the floor. He was deeply hurt and he mourned over her because he knew that she was already dead although still breathing. It was not long thereof that Netsai died of AIDS. Just as they thought they were about to grow over the loss, one by one, all of Netsai’s children began to die until to the very last of them.
Moira had also been there when Tafara had attempted to marry a single mother of two. She was the one who had kept his mother sane. The single mother had mysteriously broken up with Tafara in no time for no solid reason. Tinashe had always suspected that aunty Moira had had a hand in the break up.
Rumours had it that Moira could not conceive, her womb had decayed due to continual abortions. She had always been a drunk and prostitute, she was nothing like his mother. He always wondered why they were friends at all. Mrs. Runesu had always said it was because they had grown up together in the same village.
Tinashe had always known that their father was cheating on their mother but that very same afternoon he had got more than he had bargained for when he had finally ascertained his assumption. Although he had expected the old man to cheat he had not expected him to get down with their mother's best friend. It was therefore striking that the flamboyant and sassy 'aunty'  Moira would have anything to do with their father. The poor man was struggling to keep afloat.
Without thinking, in a sudden surge of irrepressible anger Tinashe had called to insult Moira. Moira and Mr. Runesu were probably together because in an instant he had called Sisi Maria. This, on its own, was strange. Now that he thought about it, he couldn't remember his father having prior contact with Sisi. It suddenly hit him, his father must have been screwing the maid as well.
It was Maria who had told Tinashe that Mr. Runesu was displeased with him. That he had let his father down.
"He says that you shouldn’t have Moira because he has always favored you...." Maria went on explaining but Tinashe was no longer concentrating. His father really had a peculiar definition for the word 'favour'. He didn’t feel 'favoured' at all. He had told Maria that his father hadn't favoured him in any way but was just fulfilling his social responsibility as a father.
Maria had insisted that he leave such issues to the elders for it was not his place to chastise his father. This occurred to him as absurd for it was him who had suffered emotional derogatory abuse and a string of detrimental attacks.
With a cruel plan brewing at the corners of his mind Tinashe had sent a text apologizing to his father. Mr. Runesu had texted him back just before coming back home that night. It was such an unnerving message that had left Tinashe tongue tied.
Acknowledging your offense was a good choice young man. Telling your mother would have instilled irreversible insecurity and damage in her. I love her deeply and I would wash my penis with milk if your mother would satisfy me in bed just like Moira does.

Tinashe's train of thoughts was interrupted when Mr. Runesu grunted his gratitude for the meal. Mr. Runesu left the table and his nearly untouched food. At that time Tinashe couldn't help but wonder if this was because he had been fed by 'Aunty' Moira prior to coming back home from work. Tinashe had nothing to do than to loath the man they called their father who clearly didn't care for their welfare nor love their mother.
The following day Moira would be found dead, bludgeoned to death, in her room.  To Tinashe, his father was the one to blame for the catastrophe. His egoistical father who had played their unsuspecting mother was to blame. Unknowingly Mr. Runesu had turned his son into a killer. An unrepentant killer. 
Prosper Wilton is the author of the novel 'Perfectly imperfect' which you can get HERE
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