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I see the light

Doc Freezy :I see the light
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I see the light
Beyond the horizon
Painted by the shadows of the sun
Past the line of vision whence my day begun
After the stretch and yawn
Enveloped in the beautiful shades of dawn
I see the light
Watching as darkness disappeared into oblivious meaninglessness
Observatory in the state where colournessless ceased to make sense
Dancing in the orange hues of the sky's completion
Freedom of mind and expression from the lonely detention
I see the light
On like i embraced a microphone
Cloned in verbal form
My heart had speech transform
Into a seeing walking and talking being
Green like the audience was a watered garden
On the greenest carpet
I was Aladin
Seeing a light
Illuminated like the wise touched a switch
Shifted in the method of thought
Deriving from a gift
Swift with blessed wit
Delivery was necessary
Barely out the diaper
But ready for battle
Like a rapper armed for cypher
Beyond spectacular yet eyes rested behind spectecles
The cool exuded by a nerd
Tell them that truly the truth is tucked away safely in the words
Revelation raw is bright
I see the light
The tunnel has its nature
The facts are a wager
The foes have come and gone like lost visitors
Absolute obsolete strangers
They came and went defeated
They did no harm neither did they conquer
The light
So if Thomas had to see to believe
The light is blazing bright si probably he was deceived
The gift is wrapped up in curse paper
The impatient wiĺ vapor
The fruits enjoyed by the revolutionary enlightened generation later
The world can only be natural
Sky scrapers are just buildings
Symbols of success in a world material
Switch on the light
Bow down to the right light
Save your numbers for a safer night
The yolk is yellow at the center of the white
So fertility lies in the cousin of envy
Green and yellow
See the light
I did
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