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Broken promise: Tafadzwa Chiwanza

Broken promise
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                                                            I know I promised you that,
I would promise not to make promises I can't keep,
But now when I can't sleep,
And the longing grows deep,
Realising without you;
catastrophe is all I will reap,
Promises are all I can lip.
Here I am again, promising to weep;
Untill into my stretched arms you leap.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Allow the past to be  the past,
Behold l am here at last,
To buy back the lost trust,
 to mend the debris of my  lust.
Making one more promise, hoping it would be the last.

Your cried, Et tu, Brutus?
True, to you I may have been a Judas,
But that doesn't make you a Jesus!
Don't get me wrong I ain't playing the blame game,  pointing fingers,
We all played a part in destroying us.
 but in me the pain lingers,
And realising the Dangers,
I am here to make one more promise,
And hope to keep it!
I won't leave you again,

by :Tafadzwa Chiwanza
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