Craft & Wine Fair

Craft & Wine Fair
Craft & Wine Fair

A duet by Taku.zee and Debra Moyo Harare, Zimbabwe

A duet by Taku.zee and Debra Moyo
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Without you my mind is at unease
Without you life’s transition tends to cease
Without you my weaknesses are prone to manipulation
Without you my sanity is restless,  always living

The soul to this model of bones and flesh
Resides in the loci of your existence
Without you how could I find peace?
This heart harbors love that prescribe to only one
To one who appreciates it
Without you.
How can this heart find joy.

Without you I am strongly weak
Without you I am perfectly imperfect
Without you I am restless
Without you,  the feeling is just inexplicable


You lime of the forest
Honey among the rocks
Thou has become most precious than mine life

A day I cannot spend without you
A minute I can’t spare without thinking of you
When I open my eyes in the morning,
I see you,
When I close my eyes in the evening,
I only see your face in the darkness

No man I can think of,
But only you.
I try to fight the thought of you,
But it’s like I’m waging a war against myself.
I have become addicted to you,
And allergic to your absence

Only God can testify all these.


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